Barbados belongs to a select club of first-class jurisdictions that distance themselves from the tax heaven status but rather focus on developping a clean reputation, where companies have substance and yet low taxes, and with an extensive network of DTAs with economies around the world. Barbados has become over the last few years a preferred destination for multinationals trading globally, and particularly for companies looking to invest in the United Kingdom, Canada and Latin America. provides company registration, corporate structuring and tax advisory services for international companies looking to invest in Barbados. We have a direct connection with the investment board of Barbados and our marketing office in Hong Kong allows us to promote our services directly to the growing Chinese and Asian market.

We can also assist in setting up an offshore bank account for your Barbados company. If the type of company and needs of your activities require a banking presence in Barbados, we can also help in arranging the opening of such corporate account with a local bank in Barbados.

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